Organic Option

Butterfly milkweed.Taking care of natural areas and landscapes can be a lot of hard work. Our experience has taught us that many jobs can be done much more efficiently and effectively when we use power tools and carefully applied herbicides. We only use herbicides when the increased effectiveness of the treatment allows us to do more good for the environment than the harm these chemicals might cause. So we understand when people want to reduce the amount of chemicals and pollutants they come in contact with each day. We feel the same way!

Bottle gentian.At Good Oak Ecological Services we will always provide you with the Organic Option. If you choose, we will never use chemical herbicides on your property. In fact, if you specify, we can even do all our work with hand tools rather than noisy and polluting 2-cycle power tools. We don't charge any special rate for this service, however do bear in mind that weed control and site preparation take more time and effort when done the old-fashioned way. As a result, rates will be higher then our standard service simply due to the additional time we spend on your project.

We will always discuss with you the options available to get the job done while minimizing impacts to our wildlife, soils and human health. When we do use herbicides we select those that have the fewest known hazards and that break down naturally in the environment to inert compounds within weeks. We are also pioneering the use of several organic herbicides whose active ingredients include common chemicals such as vinegar, clove oil and citrus oil.