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Wildflower Walks

Prairie blazing star, mountain mint and prairie dock are just a few of the wildflowers you'll see on our wildflower walks.In an effort to expose more people to the beautiful native plants that can be used for landscaping in our human landscapes and which are threatened by habitat loss in the wild, we are partnering with the Madison Chapter of Wild Ones to offer a series of free wildflower walks in local natural areas near Madison Wisconsin. Frank and/or a local Wild Ones expert will lead all of the hikes listed below, and you can contact Frank if you need more information.

All of the wildflower walks will be at 6pm on Thursday evenings. They will last until 8pm or 9pm as daylight allows. The only exception is our last walk on Saturday Sept. 18th which is earlier in the day due to daylight length restrictions. Any walks canceled due to poor weather will be rescheduled for the following Tuesday (or Sunday for our Gentian Safari).

For all of these hikes, be sure to wear appropriate clothing such as long pants and sturdy boots. Also be sure to bring drinking water and any snacks you might need. Don't forget the sunscreen, and be prepared for mosquitos and other pests (long pants and sleeves go a long way towards keeping both sun and bugs off of your skin). These hikes are free and open to the public.

2010 Wildflower Walk Schedule:


We hope you can join us to explore the botany of southern Wisconsin!